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Shining a Light on Management

As I went to bed that night, the dusty wind rattling my tent, I thought about how the invisible scorpions of GZT’s Samburu headquarters were a metaphor for the challenges of management. You can oftentimes ‘get by’ as a manager, but there are probably a lot of near-misses that could be avoided if management wasn’t so commonly done in the dark. With more care, thought, and preparation you can almost certainly avoid serious problems.

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Cattle, Culture, and Co-existence in Kenya

In Brief: For centuries, the Maasai living in Kenya’s South Rift Valley have used and managed the land in a way that supports both livestock and wildlife. This approach provides the foundation of community conservation and today this area serves as an important model of co-existence and wildlife restoration in Kenya and beyond, where people, livestock and wildlife live together and benefit from each other.

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Growing Pressure on the Serengeti-Mara Ecosystem- and the need for community-driven solutions

A prominent new paper in the leading journal Science documents what all conservationists in East Africa already  know: that growing human populations, settlements and infrastructure are increasing pressure on even the largest protected areas, and making it even more important to develop conservation approaches that reconcile the needs of people and wildlife.

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