We help leading African conservation organizations
become even better



We find high-impact local organizations that put people at the center of conservation.

We help them become stronger by working to identify their challenges and find the right solutions.


African conservation organizations

Our partners are developing the solutions that African societies and communities need to make conservation work in the face of rapid change and multiplying pressures.


Our work in 2018

2018 was a year of growth, expanding partnerships and exciting achievements for us and our partners.


Strengthening Organizations

We believe that improving strategy, building a strong team, and developing the systems required to take ideas to action are the foundations for accelerating conservation impact.



High impact organisations are committed, focused, possess the right solutions, and are able to collaborate effectively with others. These groups excel in the field, yet often struggle to build effective organizations that can grow and sustain their work. That’s where we come in.

We work alongside our partners to design, train, and troubleshoot until they no longer need our support. 



Million Dollars 

Funds raised and leveraged for partners. 


Strategies strengthened

Bringing new direction, focus and clarity for our partners.


Communications plans and marketing tools

Raising money, awareness, and support.


Our formula for what makes an effective organization is fairly simple:

Strategy + People + Action  = Impact



Strategy is about understanding what needs to get done and designing the right path to do it. It involves big thinking yet practical solutions. We ask tough questions and help our partners find the right answers so they can gain focus and clarity on what they need to do to achieve their goals and create lasting change. 


Action is how a team brings a strategy to life. It’s how it raises money to make things happen, plans its activities to stay focused, measures its progress, or lets others know what its doing and why it matters. We help organizations design their systems and strategies so they can get things done.


An organization’s most important resource is its people. They bring the ideas, skills, and human-power to drive change. Whether visionaries, technicians, or work-horses, we help organizations get the most out of their teams, relationships, and networks to achieve optimal performance


Money enables an organization to do its work, execute its strategy, and recruit the team it needs to deliver. Good funding is secure, flexible, and supports an organization do what it wants to get done to achieve its goals.


Together, our partners are making a difference - for people, wildlife and nature


Work across roughly 200,000 km2 of critical conservation landscapes in east and southern Africa


Protect more than 30,000 elephants and 1,000 lions residing in critical ecosystems


Generate +$12 million annually for communities who are sustainably managing their forests, wildlife, rangelands, and waters


Impact more than 1.5 million people



Conserving African ecosystems is our ultimate goal.

We look for organizations with excellent ideas, that think big, focus on results, and that are connected to their cause.



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