Organisational Tips and Tools


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Creating Effective Annual Work Plans

A strong overarching annual work plan gives an entire organization a framework for achieving impact and results – going beyond activities and task lists and serves as a key tool for management to track progress. 

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Practicing Prioritization

An ability to prioritize can be what sets great organizations apart from others. Exceptional organizations set ambitious goals and regularly achieve or exceed them. This requires strong leaders who keep their teams focused on the right goals, and who manages them to deliver results. 

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Management Fundamentals

Management is about getting groups of people to work together to execute activities that deliver on the goals of an organization. You could distill this into 3 intertwined parts: goals, people and activities.


Building Strong Partnerships

By Well Grounded and Maliasili. This publication pulls together a range of resources, insights, guidance, and case studies that inform the design and maintenance of stronger partnerships between international NGOs and local CSOs in Africa and perhaps elsewhere.


Strengthening African CSOs

By Well Grounded and Maliasili. This study aims to better understand African CSOs’ organizational needs, interests, and challenges; to explore how funders and partners are working to address those needs; and to identify opportunities for better practice and investments in strengthening African CSOs.


The Effective Board

This document defines the purpose and core functions of a board, the roles and responsibilities involved, and the key processes to ensure the board supports an organization to achieve its goals. 

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The Effective Board - Summary

An effective board of directors performs its core functions—governance, strategy, and resourcing—with an eye toward fulfilling the organization’s mission and meeting constituent needs.


The Backbone of Strategy

Poster: Five Basic Questions to Evaluate Your Organization’s Mission and Strategy


Foundations of Funding

Summary: To generate Resources, an organization needs to focus on: Results, Relationships and Reputation. 


Five questions for every Organisation

Stay focused on the heart of the matter - purpose and approach


Organizational Strategy

An overview of the role that strategy and strategic planning plays in all organizations in guiding their investments, thinking, performance, and growth.


Strategic Communications

When done with purpose, strategy, and planning, communications can be a valuable asset for any organization.