What we do: 


Portfolio Selection

We find high-performing African conservation and natural resource organizations with exceptional talent, a proven track record and/or great potential. 


Strengthening Organizations

We provide those organizations with customized organizational support, helping them build strong teams, develop focused strategies, communicate and market their work, and implement effective management systems.


Building a Network

We manage our portfolio as a growing network, giving them opportunities to learn from each other, collaborate, and interact with a network of funders and external supporters. 

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Our Work

A Portfolio of Outstanding Conservation Organizations

Solutions to Africa’s conservation challenges exist – but we need to make them even more effective and sustainable and we need to help them grow. We believe effective and long-lasting conservation models focus on three key pillars:

  • Rights: strengthening local rights over land and resources

  • Value: Creating economic incentives for stewardship

  • Governance: Strengthening decision-making bodies and governance institutions

We provide organizational support through a customized, multi-year process that responds to the unique needs of an individual organization, while also following a consistent and systematic service delivery approach. We help our partners develop more focused strategies for achieving impact; communicating clearly and effectively about their work; raising the money they need to succeed; developing their leadership skills and partnerships; and building their management systems. 

We believe that improving strategy, building a strong team, and developing the systems required to take ideas to action are the foundations for accelerating conservation impact.