We work with the best African conservation organizations that care about both people and places.

Our partners are developing the solutions that African societies and communities need to make conservation work in the face of rapid change and multiplying pressures. They are providing leadership, building diverse partnerships, and integrating conservation with human rights and economic opportunity. 

How we select our partners

Conserving African ecosystems is our ultimate goal. We look for leading African organizations that are doing something special and important in the African conservation and natural resources field, with the potential to grow and achieve more, and to inform and inspire others.

Our specific selection criteria are as follows: 



Organizations must be passionate and committed to their mission, to achieving impact, and to improving their organizational performance so that they can become better at what they do.



Organizations must have capable and motivated leadership with a compelling vision, and the desire to work with others to achieve that vision.


Conservation Model

We look for effective conservation models that primarily work to address: 1. Strengthening local rights over land and natural resources. 2. Building stronger local management and decision-making institutions. 3. Delivering economic incentives for communities to invest in conservation.


Geographic Focus

We look for organizations that are working in landscapes, ecosystems or countries where conservation outcomes are particularly important.


Track Record

We look for tangible results and outcomes based on a track record of delivery, or a clear and compelling vision of future impact for early-stage organizations.


Growth Potential

We look for organizations that have the potential to grow and deliver impact on a significant scale, even if that is within a single landscape or country.


Expression of Interest

If you are interested in working with Maliasili you may fill out and submit this expression of interest. We review these twice-yearly. Download expression of interest.