We work with the best African conservation organizations that care about both people and places.

They are local organizations that have the knowledge and skills, commitment, connections, political legitimacy, and potential for growth to bring about positive changes across African landscapes.

How we select our partners

Conserving African ecosystems is our ultimate goal. We look for organizations with excellent ideas, that think big, focus on results, and that are connected to their cause.

We’re selective about who we work with, maintaining a portfolio that’s strong on results and well-rounded with different models and visions. What we look for:

  1. They are making community-based conservation work by:
    • Strengthening local rights to land and resources 
    • Ensuring environmental stewardship pays
    • Making decision-making and governance institutions effective and fair
  2. They have a clear purpose and offer
  3. They’ve done great things and they can prove it
  4. Their model is replicable elsewhere
  5. They are committed, passionate, and good collaborators

We have a network of some of the best organizations and individuals working in conservation in Africa, and we depend on their references to source our portfolio.

Expression of Interest

If you are interested in working with Maliasili you may fill out and submit this expression of interest. We review these twice-yearly. Download expression of interest.