The Sustainable Development Goals need Strong Organizations

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This is an exciting and daunting week for the world. For three days global leaders, pop stars, development experts, and citizen activists will convene in New York City with the ambitious goal of setting an agenda to end poverty, empower women, feed the hungry, and protect the environment – among others. This short (3 minute) video by IIED provides a clear and succinct overview of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs):

But a recent report by the Overseas Development Institute is a “wake-up call on just how much more effort will be needed to reach the new goals.” In fact, the report says that achieving the sustainable development goals will require nothing short of a “revolution” in efforts in some cases.

We believe a key approach to achieving the SDGs will be to transform and heighten the types of investment and support given to civil society organizations (CSOs) as these institutions are best placed to bring about the needed changes on the ground. In our own recent report, which explored strengthening African CSOs for improved natural resource governance and conservation, we made the following recommendations, which we believe could play an important role in revolutionizing efforts to achieve the SDGs:

  1. Improve north-south partnerships and investment models
  2. Change the way organizational development support is delivered
  3. Support new approaches to leadership development
  4. Bolster investments in documentation and learning
  5. Promote dialogue around fundamental issues of CSO accountability, constituencies, and sustainability

Learn more about these recommendations in this short video:

StrategyJessie Davie