Strategic Plans

Maliasili has facilitated more than a dozen strategic plans for our partners as a key component of our organizational strengthening processes. Here are some examples of this work.


Strategic Plan 2019-2021

This strategic plan charts our growth path for the next several years, as we broaden our scope and expand our reach, while staying true to our mission and our culture of ‘learning by doing’.


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SORALO Strategic Plan

This strategic plan charts the next phase in SORALO’s development as an organization, including its vision, major goals and priorities, and the internal organizational development needed to deliver on its mission.

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Honeyguide Strategic Plan

This strategic plan focuses Honeyguide’s efforts and investments over the next five years on achieving the ecological viability and financial independence of Enduimet WMA and Randilen WMAs by 2021, in order to establish these as strong models of Tanzanian community-based conservation.


NASCO Strategic Plan

This Strategic Plan identifies NACSO’s overarching priorities for the next five years, based around the key functions it plays in Namibia’s CBNRM program. The plan seeks to address both opportunities created by the significant achievements of the program during the past 20 years and to address new external and internal threats and challenges.

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MMWCA Strategic Plan

Although the Greater Mara Ecosystem is under threat from a range of significant risks, MMWCA is poised to capitalize in the next four years, on a number of concurrent opportunities to drive positive impact.


IRDNC Strategic Plan

IRDNC's foremost strategic priorities for the next decade is to revitalise the governance of conservancies, and CBNRM more broadly, through greater direct engagement, mobilization, and empowerment of the members of conservancies and the entire community constituency.