A Visual Story of a Complex Landscape

By Nikita L. Pakhare, Design and Content Strategist

The South Rift Association of Land Owners (SORALO) is a community-based organization working in Kenya’s Rift Valley, where wildlife and pastoralist communities live side by side. SORALO blends a unique set of capabilities in science, culture, and community-driven conservation approaches. After a decade of pioneering work, SORALO began working with Maliasili three years ago. A key part of our support has been helping SORALO capture their core organizational purpose and identity, including how they communicate and represent their work visually.  

In early 2018, we started off by reviewing their logo. The SORALO team came to the conclusion that it was time for a change; they wanted a logo that reflected their vision and story more accurately. There was a consensus that their current logo wasn’t capturing who they were-  it showed scorched land and embodied an aged and heavy look. It was also a low resolution, pixelated JPEG file.

Screen Shot 2017-10-11 at 10.56.16 PM.png

Through a branding workshop we identified key attributes that are core to SORALO’s values and approach:

  • People and wildlife are interconnected and there is a strong desire and commitment to support co-existence.

  • The landscape is diverse; it supports livelihoods, livestock and wildlife.

  • The organisation is made up of community members.

  • SORALO brings together landowners.

  • The landscape is the last place owned by Maasai in Kenya and is rich in the Maasai culture.

As a team, we undertook a logo design process that brought all these elements together. Below is the result of the new logo design and brand icons; launched in April 2018.


Now - with a unified, consistent brand - SORALO is better positioned for future growth and success. The strength of their new brand and visual story, which all stems from the updated logo, reinforces that a unified brand that tells a powerful story can continue to inspire a team even when challenges arise. In 2018 SORALO released a branded annual report, a new strategic plan, and an electronic newsletter, bringing their work and achievements to new audiences. The team celebrated this milestone - a new start with a fresh look; they have become brand ambassadors, taking on more opportunities to communicate their work.

Download SORALO’s publications: