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Maliasili Initiatives - Technical Services & Support

Experience has shown us that support for organizational development is often best integrated with technical improvements in service delivery. This integration results in more effective organizational growth for our partners and more transformative external outcomes for community livelihoods and conservation. This is because we understand both what our partners are trying to achieve on the ground, as well as their organizational needs and challenges. Therefore, a unique aspect of our work is that we integrate organizational development with technical expertise in natural resource management and conservation.

To best serve our partners, we strive to be a leading source of technical expertise and knowledge on community-based and rights-based approaches to natural resource management and conservation in Africa.  Therefore, we believe it is essential to continue deepening and enhancing our own technical expertise; strengthening our position as thought and action leaders on community-based natural resource management in East Africa; building networks of collaborators; and influencing the policy arena at various levels.

To do this we occasionally take on technical and analytic research activities where we see there is an opportunity to generate knowledge and influence the policy and planning of other actors. However, we only take on such assignments when there is a clear link to our priorities in building our local partners’ capacity and work that will generate knowledge, information, and opportunities to influence policy on key natural resource issues in African countries.

Case Study:
In 2013, Maliasili Initiatives participated in two different studies, both of which evaluated and analyzed the performance of community-based natural resource management policies and practices in East Africa. Each study connected to work we were already involved with through our local partners, and through this work were able to provide links to new networks for our partners.

Strengthening Community Wildlife Management in Tanzania: An Evaluation of the Wildlife Management Area Approach – This study was commissioned by the United States Agency for International Development. The review was carried out by Maliasili Initiatives and TetraTech-ARD. We participated in this review because we have a strong interest in seeing improvements in the design and performance of Wildlife Management Areas, as the key mechanism for enabling communities to capture greater benefits from wildlife on their lands. Notably, our collaboration through the Northern Tanzania Rangelands Initiative involves work that the Ujamaa Community Resource Team is doing in and around at least three emerging or established WMAs in Tanzania’s Maasai Steppe.

Learning from rights-based fisheries management initiatives in Kenya – This study was part of an African research and documentation initiative being coordinated by the World Bank. Maliasili Initiatives produced the Kenya case study with our partner Mwambao Coastal Community Network (MCCN). The research provided an opportunity to inform a continent-wide research initiative while also strengthening linkages for MCCN with potential partners at global and regional scale.  Read More >>