Our Approach to Organizational Strengthening

We believe there are five basic domains that comprise the essential building blocks of impactful, effective, and successful organizations.

Our Approach to Organizational Strengthening

Maliasili Initiatives - Values and Culture

Values and Culture:

These are the beating heart and core foundation of effective, high-performing civil society organizations and social enterprises. These foundations include the basic motivation and identify of an organization, the way it forms and manages internal and external relationships, its ability to learn and adapt, and the way people within an organization work together and interact.


Maliasili Initiatives - Leadership and Governance

Leadership and Governance:

Leadership gives an organization direction and agency, channeling its values and beliefs into action. An organization’s governance is a key part of leadership and direction, including the board and other aspects of constituent accountability, as well as an organization’s basic structural design and composition.


Maliasili Initiatives - Strategy


Provides the compass heading to guide an organization’s actions and to marshal its energies and ambitions in a focused and targeted manner that will produce results and overcome obstacles. Strategy encapsulates an organization’s mission and vision and guides its actions to enable it to achieve its goals.


Maliasili Initiatives - Resources


Resources provide the critical inputs that enable an organization to execute its plan. These include human resources and financial resources, and also include access to important information and networks that will strengthen an organization’s ability to perform.

We have four basic phases to our process of organizational strengthening