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Maliasili Initiatives - Who We Work With, outstanding African CSOs

In Maliasili Initiatives’ experience, the most impactful organizations have the following attributes:
  • A strong grounding within their local social, political, cultural context i.e. ‘they have strong roots’;
  • Outstanding facilitation of collective action from community to national scale and beyond;
  • Integrated thinking – social, cultural, political, ecological, economic variables that affect natural resource management outcomes;
  • Strong personal commitment and motivation, and an organizational culture that reflects these- indispensable in the non-profit sector;
  • They tend to have one or several highly dedicated and visionary founders- individual social entrepreneurs with talent and commitment.
  • Courageous leadership qualities.

We select organizations with high potential for scaling their reach and impact, where our support can really make a difference in terms of enabling our partners to grow and accelerate their impacts. If an organization possesses the right attributes, then we determine whether or not to partner with them based on the following:

OneTrack Record: How is the organization leading innovative and scalable approaches to community-based natural resource management? What are its accomplishments to date, and how well regarded is the organization by its partners, funders and clients?

TwoNeed: What are the organization’s needs in relation to its potential? Is there an understanding by the organization and its leadership of what it will take in terms of growth and change to achieve its desired internal and external goals?

ThreeOpportunity: What are the major opportunities facing the organization in terms of addressing critical natural resource management challenges and scaling up needed solutions? Is there a major opportunity for the organization to scale up its impact?

FourAdded Value: Can we help this partner achieve their mission and goals?

  • What is our present capacity to serve their needs?
    • Are we likely to be able to raise new resources for our work with them?

FiveStrategic Match: Do the organization’s mission, work and approaches broadly fit our own strategy and values?

    • Are they working in an important bio-geographic locale?
    • Are they addressing issues that we prioritize: land/resource rights and/or social enterprise issues in innovative and scalable ways?
    • Are they promoting diverse and novel forms of collaborative problem-solving?
    • Do they have strong local roots, commitment and dedication i.e. organizational culture?
    • Are there new opportunities for learning and knowledge generation?

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