Maliasili's impact organizational development

We’re strengthening our partners…

  • 7 – Strategic and business plans we’ve helped our partners develop
  • $1,476,845 – Funds we’ve raised and leveraged for our partners’ work since 2011
  • $456,979 – Funds we’ve granted as bridge funding to our partners in direct core support
  • 15 – Communications products we helped develop to showcase our partners’ impacts
  • 7 – New senior staff we’ve helped recruit, raise funds for and coach
  • 10 – Number funding relationships or programmatic collaborations we have helped facilitate for our partners
…Helping them create significant impact

  • 4,431 km2 – Total area of land Lion Guardians’ operations cover, which has doubled in size since 2010
  • $123,322 – Total revenue Mpingo Conservation & Development Initiatives’ partner communities have earned in timber sales between 2009-2014; 2014 sales increased roughly 65% from the previous year, generating more than $78,384
  • 42 – Number of Women’s Rights and Leadership Forums that the Pastoral Women’s Council has helped establish across Ngorongoro District, northern Tanzania. These forums raise awareness about women’s rights, helping women defend their own rights, and giving them a voice in public
  • 208,182 hectares – Communal grazing land in Simanjiro District, northern Tanzania, which the Ujamaa Community Resource Team has helped secure since 2012
  • 18,012 tCO2e – Tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions Carbon Tanzania’s Yaeda Valley REDD Project mitigates each year; this same project has earned the partnering indigenous hunter-gatherer community, the Hadzabe, more than $50,000 so far
  • One – New Wildlife Law in Kenya, which incorporates civil society inputs to address poaching and to strengthen community-level incentives for conservation and wildlife management. The East African Wildlife Society was one of the organizations advocating for this new and improved law
  • 13 – Number of participatory films Mwambao Coastal Community Network has helped partner communities produce since 2010, covering issues ranging from dynamite fishing to coastal resource conflict