Our Work

Organizational Strengthening

Our partners are existing or promising leaders in the natural resource, social justice and conservation fields; our role is to help make them stronger. We do this by providing both organizational development support and technical expertise.

Maliasili Initiatives - Our Services and Their Impact

We deliver our support services to select local partner organizations through the following process and actions:

  • Establishing a long term relationship and developing a close understanding of each of our local partners;
  • Developing a customized organizational strengthening process with and for each of our partners, striving to meet them where they are at a given time and responding to their own needs and circumstances;
  • Coaching and supporting each partner through each stage of the change process;
  • Providing them with targeted bridge funding and/or supporting them to raise funds and secure new supporters as needed;
  • Integrating knowledge and expertise on African natural resource issues with organizational development approaches to help our partners strengthen both their impacts and their organizations;
  • Facilitating wider collaborations that provide our partners with opportunities to engage in new initiatives and to achieve greater results at landscape and national scale;
  • Using our networks to link our partners to national, regional, and global processes, information, collaborators, and supporters;
  • Taking on select research and analytic projects or assignments that capitalize on our technical expertise and add value to our core business of supporting our local partners.